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AVALON 37 | Lviv | Ukraine

The combination of modern architectural planning and service transform the house into an ideal, becoming the way of you life. Exquisite facade, panoramic windows, spacious terraces and halls reveal the luxury available only elected. Safety and comfort are requirements of the time: underground parking, closed territory, 24-hour concierge service. Electric charging stations are also provided for owners of electric vehicles. Perfection in every details




Design     Serhiy Mil  |  Serhiy Shakhray  | Dmytro Afanasiev

3D and post     Serhiy Shakhray  |  Dmytro Afanasiev  |  Kateryna Yasenchuk

Graphics and advertising-presentation material     Christina Huzner  |  Ivan Loyek

Architect     Ivan Loyek

Project organization     Kvadr Group

Project manager    Volodymyr Zygman


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