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Felt | chair

Modern interior design - is an art that requires not only skills, but also creative approach to the most ordinary things and subjects. Often a new look became fashionable trend that designers and decorators quickly picked up and widely used. The materials have a new life, can be safely attributed and felt. His first developed a unique product design studio VATMANSTUDIO. FELT - it is very comfortable and soft chair that provides a comfortable holiday home. We have created a work of art the designers of environmentally friendly material - felt, which pokladeni layers on both sides of a sheet of plywood. Industrial felt, consisting of a soft wool fibers, easily cut into layers of any size and thickness. Using this property of the material, and alternating hard and soft felt, the designers have provided a chair original layered structure. A wide range of colors allows you to choose a chair matches your decor and your taste.


Design   Serhii Schahray

3d and post   Serhii Schahray

Manager   Serhii Mil

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