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Concept 13 | Ukraine

Building concept provides its location near the park area on a hill with the city center view. Gallery building type with large interior space, overlapped with a light bulb and two panoramic elevators. Accommodation over the apartment "with displacement", according to the example of a brickwork. In this way an additional tectonics of the structure was strengthened. Exterior facade-HPL panel. The concept involves placing on the ground floor of public places with the widest functionality. There is also a two-storey underground parking. The concept was designed in 2016. Without implementation. Any coincidence with other projects and locations is random.

Concept   Serhii Mil

Interior design​   Dmytro Afanasiev
3D and post   Dmytro Afanasiev, Serhii Shakhray

Architect   Ivan Loyek
Director   Serhii Mil


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