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Avalon UP | Lviv | Ukraine

Avalon Up is the first ultramodern complex of residential and retail buildings in Lviv. Towers from 20 to 27 floors,  and  the total living area is more than 65 000 square meters. There is a parking for almost 1000 cars, courtyard and a whole complex of public park space with all the sports and entertainment infrastructure.


Design   Serhii Mil, Serhii Shakhray, Dmytro Afanasiev
3D and post   Dmytro Afanasiev,
Serhii Shakhray, Kateryna Yasenchuk
Graphics and advertising-presentation material   Christina Huzner

Architect   Ivan Loyek
Director   Serhii Mil
Project organization   "Archo-groups"
Chief architect   Vladimir Homa

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