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Sportlife | Khmelnytskyi | Ukraine

Fitness club "SPORT LIFE" will be located in the shopping and leisure center "Iceberg". It is the first one in the chain of fitness clubs which will be built in Khmelnitsky city. Fitness club is a merely public place on the one hand and personal on the other, here a person spends much time without the usual clothes or enters into the state of the maximum endurance, not being ashamed of "being different". Clean towels, fresh air and friendly staff are not the only things important. The texture of the walls, light, colour are important as well. Design of a fitness club should be in harmony with comfort. Our design projects of fitness clubs make the life be in full swing in a stunning interior. It is beautiful and very emotional.


Design   Serhii Schahray

3d and post   Serhii Schahray

Manager   Serhii Mil

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