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Sales Office | Lviv | Ukraine

Sales office of Avalon Inc. company is a separate one-level building in the shape of parallelogram with large panoramic windows. Reception and a comfortable waiting area are located in the entrance lobby, from where the customer can get into separate meeting rooms of a closed type, a conference room or in the customer service center, premises of open space type. In addition one can get into the separate office of project department through another entrance. The interior is done in achromatic colours with local accents in the form of panels of light wood veneer. To recognize the functional purpose of premises intuitively, the relation of light and dark tones changes in each of them. The decor is restrained, the furniture is laconic, lighting elements are massive.


Design   Christine Guzner

3d and post   Christine Guzner, Serhii Schahray 

Manager   Serhii Mil

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