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Grocery shop Delicate | Khmelnytskyi | Ukraine

Probably each of us coming into the supermarket and seeing a thoroughly planned design has ever felt positive emotions from the stylish and trendy interior, performed according to all the rules of the design art. You do not only want to stay in such a place for a long time, but also to go shopping with great pleasure that is very beneficial for owners of the commercial organization. That is why great attention should be paid to high-quality design of the supermarket because it will not only show its high status, but also attract more potential customers. Design project of the supermarket "DELICATE" carries the latest trends from the sphere of the world fashion in interior design.  We show exclusiveness and individual style in the design of the supermarket.


Design   Serhii Schahray

3d and post   Serhii Schahray

Manager   Serhii Mil

Storefront facade solutions

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