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Apartments | Lviv | Ukraine

The apartment is located in the residential complex of comfort class «Avalon garden» in Lviv. The interior design is maintained in a Scandinavian style. The image stands out because of its elegant simplicity and functionality. An open planning that creates the illusion of the open space, airiness is at the heart of the modern Scandinavian style. Illumination is of great importance. The room should receive maximum light, making it seem more spacious and light. It is achieved with the help of large windows letting the maximum sunlight in, as well as a great number of lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps which give extra light and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room.


Design   Dmytro Afanasiev

3d and post   Dmytro Afanasiev 

Manager   Serhii Mil

Layout | 75m

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